Distance Learning Sessions

Illinois AfterSchool Network is pleased to offer Distance Learning Sessions to providers in the after school and youth development space. Upcoming sessions are listed below.

Before you register: Please make certain that you have thoroughly read our Distance Learning Participant Expectations. All sessions are facilitated by seasoned professionals in the field and are ‘sit and get,’ but interactive sessions.

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October 2021
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October, 2021 Sessions

Series on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
Part Three: The Road Ahead – A DEI Action Plan

Wednesday, October 13 from 10 am until 12noon

In Part III, participants will draw from Parts I and II of the series to create a vision for advancing more equitable after school practices and develop actionable plans towards creating and maintaining an emotional safe/safer out-of-school-time space for their participants and families.

IAN Trainer: Cynthia Townsend ABD Reading, Languages and Literacy – Concordia University Chicago, is the Founder and Director of Ideas, Knowledge & Strategies (IKS) LLC.  Cynthia’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion background includes topics related to cultural competence in the hiring process and building understanding and responding to micro-aggressions across -isms. Cynthia holds a BA in Elementary Education; MA in Educational Leadership Northeastern Illinois University and Ph.D. in Reading, Languages and Literacy from Concordia University in Chicago.

Intended Audience: Front-line Staff, Coordinators and Managers


Health & Safety – Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning

Wednesday, October 20 from 10 am until 12 noon

Recent events have generated increasing questions about safety and security both in and out of school. It is imperative that schools and after school programs develop effective crisis and security plans that not only promote the safety and welfare of our students but also protect staff and property. Preparedness is the key to security and safety, so students and staff must practice appropriate responses to a crisis before it occurs. This training will discuss crisis-management policies, guidelines and procedures that your program can utilize during an emergency.

IAN Trainer: Leslie Hampton, M.Ed.

Intended Audience: Front-line Staff, Coordinators and Managers

Cost: Free

Registration Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0qduGgrzgpGtIXUpcUoZ5fOo6UqquDEz-y


Seasoned Professionals Series: Coaching and Mentoring Staff.
Part One: Leading with Skill and Building your Competence

As a seasoned leader, you have developed content area experience, organizational content understanding and developed a certain amount of influence with your team. Who taught you the things you know? How did they teach you? Or what did you have to teach yourself?

Session One: Leading with Skill and Building your Competence
Wednesday, October 27, 10 am until 12 noon

In this session we will leverage social learning to share best practice from our own “tool belts” to help us think about how we lead others through a competence/confidence loop. We will also explore how sometimes our personal journey can be a barrier to our team’s development. Lastly, we will identify a growth area for ourselves and use it as a way to build our competence, and model for our team taking a learner’s mindset.

Session Two: Leading with Clarity, Energy, Influence and Productivity to Build an Effective/High-Performing Team
Wednesday, November 3, 10 am until 12 noon

As a leader, you are charged with building an effective team. In this session, we will explore four essential components that help build an effective/high performing team.

  • Clarity- Where are you and your team going and why?  (Mission, values, contract requirements, growth, children, young people and families)
  • Energy- How do you make sure you and your team have the energy to complete your goals/projects? Even on our worst days! (Time management, sleep, understanding the ebbs and flow of the year)
  • Influence- What is influence and how do you and your team use it?
  • Productivity- What needs to get done and when? How will you and the team know you have been successful? (Project management and contract deadlines)

Session Three: Leader, Coach, Supervisor, Mentor
Wednesday, November 10, 10 am until 12 noon

In this session, we will explore the many roles that you play when effectively leading a team. How do you manage these roles? And how do you make sure staff know which role you are leading from? We will dig into what effective mentoring looks like by learning some models and through socialized learning in small groups. Lastly, We will end this session shifting the focus to your growth; asking how do you get fueled? Mentored? Coached?

IAN Trainer: Nikki Hale – Advancing Youth Development Facilitator – Center for Youth Quality Consultant – Certified Youth Development Practitioner and High-Performance Coach

Intended Audience: Seasoned Professionals in the field

Cost: $25 for all three sessions

Registration link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kd-irqj8vE9LVqxTGwU_PBpEohgNzd2aD


Celebrating Lights on AfterSchool! 10 Leadership Lessons for AfterSchool Professionals

Thursday, October 28 from 10 am until 11:30 am

This training supports two of the content areas of knowledge and skills from the National AfterSchool Association’s (NAA) list of ten Core Knowledge and Competencies. The session will help program leaders discern differences between leading and managing for ten important topics that impact personal and professional growth.
The ten lesson topics are:
1. Envisioning your Leadership Path
2. Organizing Productive Meetings
3. Developing Workplace Relationships
4. Upstream Thinking (solving problems proactively)
5. Understanding Program Culture v. Program Climate
6. Understanding Mindset Theory
7. Analyzing Work Ethic
8. Structuring the Learning Environment for Positive Behavior
9. Developing the Ideal Team
10. Promoting Your Program

IAN Trainer: Dr. Paul Young, Past President of the National Association of Elementary School Principals and Past Executive Director for the National AfterSchool Association

Intended Audience: Front-line Staff, Coordinators and Managers

Cost: Free

Registration link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAkd-iorDooGt3IpTuqLcEIsDSdPJWIiqZI

November, 2021 Sessions

Annual Leadership Institute Day
SEL through the Lens of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Friday, November 5 from 10 am until 3 pm

In today’s world, social and emotional learning is increasingly being scrutinized for its lack of cultural responsiveness and the ways in which it actually harms children and youth when not practiced through an anti-racist, equity lens. In this interactive training, participants will examine what it means to understand and implement SEL through an equity lens. Participants will reflect on individual and agency practice, and walk away with knowledge and strategies to ensure that their SEL implementation effectively addresses the needs and enhances the strengths of all children and youth in their care.
Participants will be able to:

  • Define culturally-affirming SEL
  • Identify what is necessary to implement SEL through an equity lens
  • Leave with strategies to enhance their culturally responsive, anti-racist, and equitable SEL practice

IAN Trainer: The training will be facilitated by Caryn Curry, Mental Health Consultant with the Center for Childhood Resilience, Lurie Children’s Hospital. Caryn Curry, MA, is an educational consultant who supports schools and communities to develop socially and emotionally healthy environments, and teach young people life skills that are critical to their success. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard University and a Master’s Degree in social work from the University of Chicago. A former Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Ms. Curry has over 30 years of professional experience working on behalf of children and families in educational, residential, hospital, and community settings.

Intended Audience: Coordinators and Managers

Cost: $25 – full day session

Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAvc-ivrzspH9ffz80H0b8zToAaRNXn_HGS


Professional Roundtable Discussion
Big Brother, Big Sisters Mentoring Program

Friday, November 12 from 10 AM until 11 AM

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Mentoring program is a great resource for socio-emotional and educational development. BBBS (Metro Chicago) currently has openings for youth (ages 7 – high school) to join the mentoring program, and volunteers waiting to be matched.
We also have scholarships available for youth who graduate from our program after their senior year!
Info about BBBS Mentor Program options:
  • Community Based Mentoring (flex):
    Bigs & Littles meet 1:1 in the community for fun, appropriate activities like having a picnic together or learning how to tie-dye. Outings are on your schedule, 2-4 times a month for a minimum of one year. Virtual mentoring is optional. You set the time that works best for you!
  • Site Based Mentoring (structured):
    Site Based Mentoring (structured): Bigs & Littles meet in a group setting facilitated by a Program Coordinator every other week. Each program includes time for relationship building, structured activity, and free time. This option is currently a 100% virtual opportunity until further notice.

Cost: Free

Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUld-6hrz4iH9VdxrOIY4ttXFDSHIDBbOaZ


Supporting Positive Youth Development from Developing SEL Skills to Restorative Practice

Wednesday, November 17 from 10 until 12 noon

As after-school providers, we have a unique opportunity to support youth to thrive and flourish, no matter what adversity and challenges they may face elsewhere.  The current environment has made it more difficult for youth, especially in their tweens and teens, to have the typical experiences of getting to know others, of finding ways to develop their unique personalities and best characteristics.  Many feel unsure of themselves, worried about relationship building, and inadequate for the challenges facing them in an uncertain world.

Join in this interactive session to explore best practice concepts and activities to help youth strengthen their positive agency; their capacity to connect with and be inclusive of others; their skills in communicating and building relationships with others; and their sense of purpose, of hope.

Two registrants will win a “Best Start-All About YOUth” Student Workbook & Coach Playbook (set)!

IAN Trainer: Kimberly Svevo-Cianci, PhD (she/her/hers), Executive Director, Changing Children’s Worlds Foundation (CCWF) & Founder, ICDP-USA

Intended Audience: Front-line Staff, Coordinators and Managers

Cost: $10 per provider

Registration link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcvduytrDkuHdFVKsKZAw2-IA3kzAx21EtY

December, 2021 Sessions

Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive Students

Wednesday, December 1 from 10 until 12 noon

This is a 90-minute, introductory workshop geared toward youth supporting professionals. It focuses on building a foundational understanding of gender identity and expression and how to support transgender young people. The mission of the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance (the Alliance) is to promote safety, support and healthy development for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth, in Illinois schools and communities, through advocacy, education, youth organizing and research.

IAN Trainer: Ruthie Moore, Inclusive Schools Educator, Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, a program of the Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago

Cost: Free

Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMrc-ChrjstHtwLwa9oIsHl6E6B2qEeMYYa


15 Ways to Keep Youth Active Indoors if Space is Tight

Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 from 10 until 12 Noon

Let’s keep youth moving – no matter how small or large the space available!

Over the past 2 years we have learned to be highly creative as staff working with youth. Attend this training to learn strategies and activities that can keep youth active. All the ideas shared could be used in small or large spaces with minimal equipment and encourage an element of fun.

IAN Trainer: Tammy Notter M.Ed.

Cost: Free

Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZArduGvqz4rHNyuLqRm1H0ga9b7Pzv2YT51

January, 2022 Sessions

Emergent Leaders in Supervision (2-Part Series)

When you transition from frontline work to a supervisory role, you will experience a lot of changes and a lot that will remain the same. This session will explore what changes as a supervisor and how to best prepare for and respond to those changes. Participants will discuss what makes a high-quality supervisor and how to continue investing in leadership development and growth. Participants will have the opportunity to self-reflect and self-assess where they are now and identify what they need to get to where they want to go. Through self-reflection, group discussion and a focus on evidence-based practices, participants will walk away with a better understanding of what they need to become a more effective team leader.

This two-part series is geared towards first-time supervisors and designed to support After School and Youth Development program coordinators who have been in a position of supervision and oversight of staff for two years or less.  During the two-day interactive training session, the group will focus on the following:

  • Participants will determine what is necessary to become an effective team leader
  • Participants will assess their current leadership effectiveness
  • Participants will explore different ways to continue growing as leaders.
  • Participants will reflect on their motivation and articulate their vision in becoming leaders.
  • Participants will develop a plan for their leadership development.

Session One – Wednesday, January 19, 2022 from 10 until 12 Noon
Session Two – Wednesday, January 26, 2022 from 10 until 12 Noon

IAN Trainer: Katherine Spinney, MT, MSW, ACC, Educator, Social Worker and Youth Development Advocate

Intended Audience:  Emergent Leaders (first time supervisors three years or less)

Cost: $25 per provider

Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAqc-GgqDMsGtes4-WfWAw0lvTKY1HNvGFr


February, 2022 Sessions

Supporting Relationships with Parents/Caregivers in COVID

Wednesday, February 2, 2022 from 10 until 12 Noon

This workshop will explore how we model and create sustainable, supportive relationships. Whether it’s with young people we work with, their parents, or fellow care providers, effective communication and support are essential to the work we do. This will include how we intentionally think through support as well as help others think through their own support. Learn about tools such as pod mapping, reflecting on boundaries, and how consent can help expand the ways we connect with others. Most importantly, make connections with other care providers on how they engage in supportive relationship building.

IAN Trainer: Emma Gonzalez, Prevention Educator, Resilience

Intended Audience: Front Line Staff and Emergent Leaders

Cost: Free

Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYucuqsqD0qHNS3s8h9E7cWqEAtHdzPexBO


The importance of Self- Care Specific to the Family Child Care Providers Community

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 from 6:30 until 8:00 PM

During “The Importance of Self-Care ” training, an explanation of the 8 main areas of self-care will be provided. Participants will learn the ABCs of self-care as a continuum model for self-care.  Attendees will be able to identify symptoms of burnout and learn it’s difference from compassion fatigue. Proactive measures will be identified in order to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue altogether.

IAN Trainer: Ashley Perkins, Ashley Perkins, BA, Certified Restorative Practices, Trauma-Informed Care and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Intended Audience: Family Child Care Providers

Cost: Free

Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMpdu6opjItH9W_-uLpKQPd97RkeX9lC1QW


Restorative Justice and DEI
Threading Restorative Practices for Day-to-Day Operations: To Prevent Harm and Enhance and Elevate Positive Work Environments

This 2-part Session is designed to provide a DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) understanding and approach to active Restorative Practices for Day-Day Operations. We will use elements and theory of Restorative Practice and circles to look at how we conduct meetings, address conflict and challenging conversation, and prevent harm. Overall have a greater understanding and inclusive and equitable engagement with colleagues and youth. Participants will leave with tools, resources, and techniques to put into action so that everyone feels they are seen, valued, heard, and belong.

Session One – Wednesday, February 16, 2022 from 10 until 12 Noon

Understanding Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, and Pedagogy by understanding elements of Restorative Practices. During the session we will discuss the different kinds of circles and their 4 elements: Community Building, Peace, Repair and Celebration. Understanding these elements will allow us to address how to be actionable in belonging, equity, and inclusion.  Assessing and analyzing these methods will set us up for Part 2 where participants will learn how to be creative, resourceful and understanding in the day-to-day operation and ask ourselves how we are building trust, enhancing communication while reducing harm.

Session Two – Wednesday, February 23, 2022 from 10 until 12 Noon

Put into Action!

Participants will analyze areas of growth within the organization or where they feel the need to utilize these skills to enhance their comfort and understanding.  For example, meetings, conflict management, culture (environment), around how we start and end programming.

After learning the varying methods in Restorative Justice that help build an organizational community. Participants will use this time to put these skills into day-to-day interactions. We will discuss how to revamp organizational community norms and partake in scenarios and engage with handling conflict as we continue to build our communication skills with youth and colleagues in your respective organization.

IAN Trainer: Jessica Vann, MATD, Creative Spaces

Intended Audience: Front Line, Emergent and Seasoned Professionals

Cost: $25

Registration linkhttps://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMld-2upjgrH9fNq1T7qlTuM_IBlIfL7Qrc