IAN’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

We believe in respecting, accepting, supporting and valuing visible and invisible qualities of all members.

We welcome and value  every unique perspective of all members and participants.

We strive  to include DEI practices in everything we do,  including all of our interactions and relationships.

We commit to transparency in our practices, adhering to DEI standards in our services, trainings and offerings.

Come and join us in embracing DEI for every person, every youth, every child and every community in making DEI a reality in practice.

How we uphold our beliefs and values:

We actively create and ensure a welcoming and safe environment for all individuals in the field of expanded learning opportunities. This includes pronouncing individual’s names correctly, asking for and correctly using individual’s pronouns, understanding that we are an open community that is striving to learn together and offering grace and space during the learning process.

We invite and seek out diverse members from across the state to serve on our Board of Directors. Our board members are professionals in the field from across the state that offer guidance and direction to the organization.

We commit to using a DEI lens in all of our trainings to ensure that representation is present and all abilities are given opportunities in the out of school time field. This includes ongoing professional development for our IAN staff and board of directors.

We seek out feedback and insights from across the field both in our state and nationally to bring the best quality opportunities for supporting, developing and advocating for leaders in the expanded learning opportunity setting. This includes post surveys for all trainings and annual Field Needs Surveys to continuously compile data and insight in how we can improve.