About NAA

The NAA Mission

The National Afterschool Association is the professional membership association for people who work with and for youth during Out-of-School time.

NAA fosters positive youth outcomes by supporting, developing, and advocating for afterschool professionals and leaders. The Association is the leading network of OST professionals.

As a national association, we deploy our mission through people-centered programs and partnerships. We build equity, access, and connections to create a strong, valued profession that benefits kids, families, and communities.

Illinois AfterSchool Network is the Illinois affiliate of the National AfterSchool Association. NAA and its state affiliates share a mutual purpose and agreement to support, develop and advocate for Out-of-School Time professionals and the profession. NAA and its state affiliates build connectivity among stakeholders and create opportunities for engagement to ensure a vibrant future of the OST profession.

OST professionals who are not current paid NAA members and live in Illinois, are eligible for FREE NAA membership with an IAN membership. If you prefer, NAA membership may be purchased directly from NAA on a sliding scale from $25-$150 per year.

NAA has State Affiliates across the United States. Illinois AfterSchool Network aligns with NAA’s mission to inspire, connect and equip afterschool professionals. Affiliates’ missions and strategies promote quality afterschool programs and professional development in their states.

The strong and supportive relationships between NAA and its State Affiliates creates a national network that builds connectivity among stakeholders and creates opportunities for engagement that ensure vibrant future for our field. 

Dual Membership

Most State Affiliates offer benefit packages that include membership in the National AfterSchool Association for one year. You can also view State Affiliate events on our website by clicking here.

NAA Members

NAA affirms the importance and centrality of the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to afterschool professionals, both in their daily lives and in their work with and on behalf of young people.

NAA Provides

  • Publications, resources and services that reflect best-practice thinking of the profession.
  • Dissemination of ideas and information that support the professional development needs of members in the field.
  • The only national convention in the field for afterschool professionals.
  • A user-friendly, informational website and regular electronic communications for members.
  • Access to affordable training, technical assistance and professional development for afterschool program staff.
  • Access to a members-only professional resources and consultation services.

NAA Advocates

  • That equitable, adequate and accessible afterschool program opportunities are created universally and that investments in afterschool programming come from school, local community, state and federal for-profit and non-profit sources.
  • We participate in efforts to create public awareness about the importance, benefits and return on investment of afterschool programming.
  • NAA is working to assure that the vision of high-quality learning experiences for all children and youth, both in and out of school, becomes a reality through the application of the NAA core competencies in afterschool programs. NAA recognizes that quality afterschool programs provide positive child and youth development and meet a critical need for keeping kids safe and families productively employed.
  • NAA fights for families who need a wide range of interesting and age-appropriate programming choices available and accessible when their children are not in school.


NAA Core Knowledge Skills Competencies for OST Professionals (rev2021)

NAA Code of Ethics