Distance Learning Expectations

You can download this information here.

If you register for a session, we expect that you will be in attendance or will let us know at least 3 days before the training to allow other providers to register if session is full.

A 15-minute grace period will be given at all workshop sessions. To receive a workshop certificate, participants must remain for the duration of the workshop session and complete an evaluation form. Participants who arrive after the 15-minute grace period will not be permitted to obtain a certificate and training credit, but may attend the remainder of the session.

Please use ONLY one device once you have logged into the session.

We expect that you will turn your camera on during the entire session. If you are having technical or connectivity issues, please send the host a private message.

As you enter the Zoom session, make sure that you place your full name in the video square. Also, we welcome you to add your pronouns. For more information https://pronouns.org/

This is how attendance is taken and training certificates are generated.

Please remember to stay on mute if you are not speaking. I give consent to be recorded during the session.

Please take care of your needs, move around, refresh and drink water as needed.

After the session, the short but extremely helpful survey link will be posted in the chat. Certificates will be sent to the email you register in the survey. This survey link will also be sent out by the office after the training in case you missed it. Within two weeks after the training, you will receive an email containing your training certificate from the IAN Office email.

If you are a Gateways member and are seeking registry training credit, please send us your number by the date specified in the follow up email message.

Please enjoy the session!