Parent Café Sessions

The Illinois AfterSchool Network Parent Café is a place where parents/caregivers of all types gather and share their stories, their experiences, their worries, their fears, their wisdom, and find community and strength together on a topic of conversation. Through open communication, the Parent Cafe Sessions become places of affirmation where they can learn that they are not alone in their struggles with managing their families and households. Parent Cafes also provide an opportunity to help connect parents to resources to help solve problems they might face. 

The goals of the sessions are as follows: 

  • Being more resilient as parents/caregivers 
  • Forging positive social relationships
  • Increasing their knowledge of parenting and child/youth development
  • Improving their communication skills
  • Building a supportive network of parents/caregivers around the topic discussed. 

Use the tools below to help find the resources that will help you become a better parent or caregiver.