SEL Resource Manual

The Resource Manual is divided into sections, which will give easy access to users. First and foremost, a fundamental view of the Afterschool Mental Health Consultation Framework explaining the objectives of this partnership: what mental health consultation looks like, expected services from consultants, and expected participation from the after-school programs.

Other information in this resource manual includes the benefits and challenges in parent engagement, valuable research information on parent engagement, as well as observations and concerns from staff.

Download: Section 1 – Framework to Support After School Programs Through Consultation

Download: Section 2 – Parent Engagement

Download: Section 3-A Introduction-Social and Emotional Learning

Download: Section 3-B Social and Emotional Learning – Self Management

Download: Section 3-C Social and Emotional Learning – Self Awareness

Download: Section 3-D Social and Emotional Learning – Relationship Skills

Download: Section 3-E Social and Emotional Learning – Responsible Decision Making

Download: Section 3-F Social and Emotional Learning – Social Awareness

Download: Section 4 – Appendix – Resources

Download: Section 4 – Appendix – Toolbox

Download: Section Section 4 – Appendix – Websites and Helpful Links

Download: Section 5 – Acknowledgments

Download: Section 6 – References

Download the Entire Manual (27 MB)