2022 Fall Professional Development

Good day to all! 

Our 2022 Fall Professional Development offerings are now listed and open for registration!  Many thanks to providers for your honest feedback and input with ways for us to enhance our distance learning sessions. As requested, we have pushed back our schedule because you have asked us to allow you more transitional time from summer programming into the new school year. Next, we continue to offer distance learning sessions that you have requested, most recently those related to mass tragedies, emergency preparedness and youth mental health.  Last, as a friendly reminder, our  distance learning sessions are planned in seasons so that if there are topics that emerge from our training evaluations, we are able to swiftly coordinate future sessions with our deep bench of seasoned trainers. 

Special thanks to IDHS, Division of Early Learning for a generous increase in our funding!  This quarter, all sessions will be offered to providers FREE of charge! 

Register today by checking out the schedule here.