General Resources

Bullying Prevention Guide

Did you know that 25% of middle school students at public schools report being bullied at least once a week? We’ve found that most of the injuries and damage done to minors can be prevented. That’s why we put together a guide that covers topics like school, bullying, and internet safety. Learn more here.

The Brennan Center 

The Bren­nan Center for Justice works to build an Amer­ica that is demo­cratic, just, and free for all. The Bren­nan Center for Justice is an inde­pend­ent, nonpar­tisan law and policy organ­iz­a­tion that works to reform, revital­ize, and when neces­sary, defend our coun­try’s systems of demo­cracy and justice 

Police Brutality Center 

Advocacy Center of resources for Police Brutality and Civil Rights 

Parent Social Emotional Learning Resource Library

Bright Promises Foundation offers a vast and bilingual “library” of fun, engaging activities to do with the whole family to build important life long SEL skills