GIVING TUESDAY, Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Give all Illinois After School professionals the resources they need to impact future generations by providing them with QUALITY professional learning sessions.

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Here are a few testimonies from providers and trainer:
“Since I first became familiar with IAN around 6 years ago, I have sought to attend every session held pertaining to any of my job duties and responsibilities. Executive Director Curtis Peace and his team do an excellent job at finding high quality, engaging presenters who cover up to the minute issues facing afterschool professionals.” 
– Robert McIntyre, Program Director, Spring Forward Program, Rock Island, Illinois
“Being a single mom and educator, the IAN training offerings are great! Not only did it catch my eye offering the Saturday Parent Café sessions…. I am thankful I opened the email, clicked the link, and attended my first Parent Café in which training sessions followed. Curtis Peace is awesome.”
-Ms. Tamara L Red, Family Child Care Owner, Decatur, Illinois

 “By facilitating Family Child Care workshops, they learn how to navigate the complexities of running a business, how to manage an unexpected full-time remote teacher for students during COVID, and how to create policies and procedures for supporting children, families, and protecting their business.” 
– Penny Williams Wolford, IAN Trainer, Chicago Illinois
– Ms. Tamara L Red, Family Child Care Owner, Decatur, Illinois.